Thursday, December 8, 2022

Making a dungeon in 5 minutes?! (Enter the House of Metal...)

I saw a title today - "5-Minute Dungeon (and some D&D reflections)", it's an interesting post about a boardgame with that title, go and read it!

But of course my mind went in a different direction before actually reading the post. "So, is this a dungeon you can play in 5 minutes? Or a dungeon made in 5 minutes? Can you prep a dungeon in 5 minutes?"

So I tried to make a dungeon in 5 minutes. As you might imagine, it didn't work out too well, but it wasn't a complete disaster either.

As my timer, I picked a track that's exactly 5 minutes long: "House of Metal" by Chelsea Wolfe, turned it up, took its title as the dungeon's name, and sketched a castle and wrote down everything that came to my head.


Gigantic blue metal castle
Wandering monsters:
1. Blue metal golems
2. Sneaky goblins
3. Lost scientist, disoriented
1. Hall with iron guard dogs
2. Lever opens door to #3
3. Giant magnet attracts all metal except blue special metal
5. 1000 sp
8. Courtyard
10. Tower of floating coins.

You be the judge... 

I think on a better day, when I'm not so overworked, I could do something better and more focused. But it was a fun little challenge nonetheless. Thanks, Chelsea!

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