Thursday, June 23, 2022

[Magic Substance] Selfsame Smoke

The withering leaves of the willows at the Swamp of Despair are gathered in the late autumn, dried, then smoked from a pipe. Over the duration of a full hour, the smoke gathers and attains a ghostly form resembling the smoker. The smoker then falls into a trance, and for another hour gains full control of the haze-double. The double floats and moves like smoke (like the spell Gaseous Form), can seep through narrow cracks, change form, etc., but whenever possible, regains the approximate image of the smoker. The smoker, while in trance, perceives the world through the smoke, and relays all or any information verbally. The haze-double dissipates when the hour is up. The user must save against Poison or remain in the trance for another 2d6 hours, fighting smoke monsters.

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