Sunday, September 24, 2023

1d10 pirate rumors and superstitions

For weird nautical and pirate campaigns!

  1. The blood of a sea serpent can be used to create an infallible compass.
  2. Commander Noland’s treasure is buried under the breeding ground of the man-eating crabs.
  3. In calm weather on midsummer day, the reflection of your ship is real and you can climb over there to find all the treasure that was stolen from you.
  4. Captain Kate “Ruthless” Hawk ascended to the night sky and became a patron saint. Pray to her every day, and she shall send down a mist to cover your escape route.
  5. Patch up your sails with captured flags and ride the winds twice as fast.
  6. The old pirate king is still alive, imprisoned in the Imperial fortress! The new pirate king is illegitimate!
  7. Some shanties are nasty enough to dislodge nails from wood.
  8. Every ghost ship has a heart. Steal it to claim command over the vessel!
  9. The pearl divers of Taboo Island can talk to fish.
  10. You can capture thunder in a brass bell. But beware, you can only keep it imprisoned for a week!