Tuesday, May 3, 2022

[Secret Jackalope!!] d10 special teas for Sticks!

A second round of Jackalopery over at the OSR discord. Sticks requested "1d10 (or some other number of) magical or otherwise "special" teas and the places their unique ingredients can be found"

Happy Jackalope day! Imbibe responsibly!





“Gnome-bucha”. Fermented fungi-based brew. The mushrooms are gathered near underground thermal vents, so they have an increased sulfur content as well.

Causes sleepwalking.


Cloud Special. Harvested late in the season, in the hidden valley which is constantly covered by mist and fog: hence the name of the tea.

Imbiber sees through illusions with ease.


The One Tea. Every tea plantation has a special shrub, the very first one that was planted. However, its location is only known to the moles and worms.

Functions as a truth serum.


Pu’er of Foresight. Harvested in the forbidden zone. This tea must be buried and fermented underground for 1 to12 years.

Provides vision as far into the future as long as the tea was buried.


Sargassam. Actually seaweeds, not tea. Sailors cold-brew it, because sometimes you cannot light a fire on the ship.

Helps staying awake when on watch duty.


Emperor’s Secret. A blend containing a single tea leaf from each province of the Empire, no more, no less.

Imbiber learns a dark state secret.


Tea of Tranquility. Harvested at night, during the new moon.

Potent tranquilizer.


Earl Greyhawk. Leaves can only be harvested by travelling back in time to the 1970s and participating in Gary Gygax’s campaign.

Grants perfect sense of time and direction.


Hair of the Dog. The tea itself is nothing special, but it must be brewed with love and care.

Imbiber sobers up instantly.


Tea of Diplomacy. Harvested from the deadliest place, a jungle crawling with were-tigers or something similar. Brewed into a mellow, soothing drink.

Drinking from the same pot makes people more likely to agree with each other