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Ulfire Tablets #1 - a sword, planet & sorcery roleplaying zine - out now!


It's alive!!!

Finally, the first issue of the science fantasy/planetary romance zine Ulfire Tablets is done and public! Huge thanks to all the authors, it was fun to edit your stuff. 

In the future, I hope to expand to other planets and settings, and new contributors are welcome: get in touch here or see my other contacts in the zine itself.

Get it here: https://eldritch-fields.itch.io/ulfire-tablets-1

It's free!

Read it on your screen or print it at home as a neat 32-page booklet + cover.

Table of contents and a short overview:

  • The Chessmen of Carcosa is a chess variant. You cannot have a proper planetary romance setting without a chess variant. In this boardgame, you sacrifice pawns, summon beasts from the outer dimensions, and fight to defeat the opposing sorcerer king! We wrote this together with a friend (we often collaborate on weird shit) and playtested over the summer. It's a fun, over the top game, give it a spin!
  • M.W. Hess contributed two awesome pieces: a write up of Mushroom Mans (sic!) of otherworldly colors; and a quick overview of faithful dinosaur mounts. 
  • In true old school fanzine spirit, there is a piece of short fiction, recorded to cuneiform holodisk straight from a sorcerer king's mind!
  • I love random generators, so I included one for coming up with arcane technological/magical artifacts. There are six ready-to-go examples in there as well.
  • Dan St. Cyr gave us 20 fighting styles for post-apocalyptic barbarians!
  • And there is a review of Xuhlan, a pretty cool sword & weird science setting!

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