Thursday, January 25, 2024

3x10 initiation rites

Random acts and tasks a guild/clan/order/gang might require from those wanting to enter their ranks.

1. Spend a night in jail and carve your name on the wall.
2. Steal from somebody who trusts you.
3. Prevent a crime – then commit it yourself.
4. Frame somebody for a crime, real or imaginary.
5. Get caught cheating in a game.
6. Cry wolf!
7. Sell something of no value for a great price.
8. Find a hidden path.
9. Impersonate somebody for a day.
10. Steal something big – then lose it.

1. Fall from a high spot, then climb higher and fall again. Repeat.
2. Pick a fight – and lose.
3. Gather your gang, start a fight, direct them from the sidelines.
4. Teach somebody to fight better.
5. Fight with your hands tied behind your back.
6. Bring down a building.
7. Survive being dragged under a ship.
8. Fight an alpha to assert dominance.
9. Forge your own weapon.
10. Defeat somebody with your gaze.

1. Witness a lightning strike.
2. Walk an untrodden path.
3. Become a wild beast for a day.
4. Get stung or bit by three different stingers and biters.
5. Create a mask and wear it as long as you can.
6. Ponder your orb.
7. Get utterly, hopelessly lost.
8. Create your own secret code writing.
9. Carve your true name on a pebble and throw it in the river.
10. Find the same place thrice in your dreams.


  1. oh, these are fun! especially finding the same place thrice in your dreams :p

    1. Cheers! Yeah, feels properly mystical to me too :)

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