Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Painting my first miniature (after a 16-year hiatus)

And it feels good to be back! Ah, the familiar smells...

I decided to pick up miniature painting again. It's something I'd enjoyed a lot in the past. Converting, painting, kitbashing. Playing I enjoyed too, especially skirmish stuff like Mordheim.

For now, I just plan to concentrate on returning to the artistic/creative side. I need a hobby that isn't connected to a computer screen :)

I picked up some supplies and a an assortment of figurines. I went with Wargaming Atlantic, because some of the models spoke to me --- especially the Classic Fantasy Lizardmen! You know it's the good kind of classic fantasy when the lizardmen come with assault rifles and gas masks...

For my first effort, I chose a lizard dude with an open pose and a blade. I dropped it once and broke the index finger... Here's the result! There are still some rough patches, but overall, it was a fun process, and I'm satisfied with the result! Beware the Newt-men of Carcosa!


  1. Nice work (as I mentioned on reddit already ;) )!

    I have a fondness for lizardmen and related figures, with my favorites being Tom Meier’s Ral Partha/Citadel troglodytes, along with those from Secret Skeleton and Otherworld.


    1. Re: Tom Meier's Troglodytes: very cool figurines, I love how expressive and exaggerated their poses are!

      Lizardmen are great... Pulp fantasy staples!