Friday, July 22, 2022

[Adventure] Beyond the Edge of the World - a small psychedelic hexcrawl

I wrote a small psychedelic hexcrawl for a friend's birthday... Inspired by Roger Dean album covers and Adventure Time. Judges Guild style terse descriptions and weirdness, on two pages.

Download PDF

Owl-people, a mountaintop sage with 2-mile long hair, ants, cacti, etc...


  1. Very cool. Was there a set goal for the birthday session?

    1. I didn't run it! This was the gift itself, a mini-setting for him to use or just enjoy.

      But usually when I run hexcrawls like this (for example when I ran the AI-generated hexcrawl posted somewhere on this blog) I just pick or randomize a hex and the characters are astral-projected there, John Carter style :)