Saturday, December 19, 2020

[Mazes & Minotaurs Actual Play] Colonists & Chimeras! Session #6

Previous installments: Session #1, Session #2, Session #3, Session #4, Session #5

Meteora the Amazon
Ellipsis the Hunter
Porphyra the Lyrist
and Buff the Warrior henchman

This recent session was another short one, this one because me, the Maze Master, had a lot of work stuff, and couldn't commit to a full 3-hour session. Still, we thought it would be better to play at least an hour or so, especially now that the group could be present in full force!

Meteora, Ellipsis and Buff spent the night camping near the big river. Meteora heard a noise during her watch, and when she checked it out, she saw a body lying under the bushes! Of course, it turned out to be no-one else, but Porphyra the Lyrist, back from her bender with the Magic Stag! She couldn't remember much, or even how she got to the river from the valley of the Stag, but was happy to see her companions again.

She also found a small whistle hanging around her neck, which she supposed might be the whistle to call the Stag in case she wants its help.

Ellipsis and Meteora told Porphyra about the events of recent days, and what things they'd learned about the land.

Luckily, they didn't attract any unwanted attention / random encounters during the night, and in the morning they headed south. They thought that that way might lead them through a forest (which is not the creepy enchanted forest of the Golden Tribe), and towards their village.

In the forest, they saw a big brown bear, but the bear was busy eating something, so they avoided it.

And after a long track, they exited the forest next to the little grain field near the village!

All in all, they've been away from their colony for 3 full days. In the meantime, the colonists set up themselves in the abandoned Phoenician village.

The player characters warned them about all kinds of dangers... and then everybody mourned Guff, the dead warrior (whose body the group brought back for a proper burial).

The colonists had two unsettling things to report:
  1. The embers in the original Phoenician fire pit just wouldn't go out. They are always smoldering! Porphyra examined the fire, and found that it had a small bronze figurine of a god buried under it. Using her knowledge of mythic lore, she indentified it as the image of a Phoenician god of storms and lightning, which, when buried in a fire-pit, would always keep the fire going!
  2. One of the women came forward, and said that her son was carried away by wolves the last day!
The adventurers let the colonists prepare a burial for Guff, and set out instantly to track the wolves and the missing boy.

The tracks led back into the forest; and soon the group found a wolf nest, which was more like a fox burrow: a narrow tunnel leading into a mound.

Four young wolves were lounging outside, and a fight ensued. Three wolves were killed, and Porphyra wrestled one wolf, subdued it, and established herself as the new alpha! She plans to domesticate this wolf as a pet.

Then Ellipsis tried to climb into the burrow, but found it very narrow and creepy.

So instead, they set a fire in the entrance, and fanned the smoke into the passage.

Soon, a great she-wolf burst out from the nest, and attacked the players, but was eventually killed. 

The next creature to come out crawling from the smoke was the missing child!

However, it turned out that he went feral overnight, and became like a wolf cub, snarling and clawing at the adventurers. They caught him and brought him back to the village; where they eventually had to lock him up in one of the empty houses...

In the evening, the colony mourned Guff the warrior. They set up a big funeral pyre, sang laments, feasted on boar meat. Then they put the ashes into a clay jug and buried it outside the village, to the east. 

Thus, the cemetery of the new colony was born...

Will the cemetery continue to grow? Will the feral child tame? Find it out in the next installment of COLONISTS & CHIMERAS!

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