Tuesday, April 12, 2022

d10 popular posts on this blog...

In March, I blogged a record amount: 13 posts! Wow... As a monthly rate, that's second only to the first and most active month of this blog's life, the 15 post marathon of October 2016. 

In October 2016 I was bed-ridden with pneumonia. In March 2022, I think, I blogged to try and take my mind off the worrying state of the world. Yeah. The state of the world, with the ongoing war, if anything, is only getting more brutal.

Anyway, I wanted to take a retrospective look and check my blog statistics.

I've been blogging for 5 years, 5 months, 28 days (including today). Wrote a total of 202 posts (this is #203). Got 330 comments (after cleaning out the spam messages) - thanks, everybody, I really like getting comments on my posts!

And this is the list of the 10 posts with the most number of views. Of course, many of them have been around for some time, although, as far as I could see, there are big peaks in views at publication, and if it's linked somewhere, but usually it's a small, but steady number of views.

  1. [Magic Item] Whistles! - okay, this took me by surprise! I didn't expect it to be the post with the most views on my blog. It got REALLY boosted upon publication and garnered 3700 views. I think I posted it on reddit? But not many views since. Anyway, it's a fun post, I still like these items.
  2. Cosmic Crawl - the announcement of the publication of Cosmic Crawl, an awesome Lovecraftian sci-fi community project compiled by Evlyn Moreau. I contributed to it, and I think it's an awesome little book, with lots of fun random encounters and great art. This was the only finished community project I participated in, during the last days of G+...
  3. 1d6 robotic carousing mishaps - this is a fun one... Wrote it very quickly, as a reddit comment, but decided to save it, because, well, drunk robots.
  4. [Secret Santicorn] All Aboard the Terrible Dogfish! - a weird pirate ship written for the OSR Discord's Secret Santicorn event! Exclamation mark!
  5. 36 character types (extracted from Georges Polti's "The Art of Inventing Characters") - an old book turned into a random table... People really liked it!
  6. [Adventure] The Tomb of the Daughter - one of the things that came out from my love affair with "talk-to-transformer", the neural network-based text generator. A sort of usable adventure module?
  7. [5e] Warlock: The Diamond (D&D meets Steven Universe) - one of my few 5e posts (I do run 5e occasionally, and ran a big campaign for my friends). I still really like this idea - the Diamonds in Steven Universe as a model for portraying Fey ladies and lords in D&D. 
  8. Neural Network Generated Hexcrawl - I should really finish this!!!! I have all the hex descriptions, and even some dungeons. A big weird-ass neural network generated science fantasy hexcrawl.
  9. [Dungeon] Temple of the Berserkers, one-page OD&D adventure - I'm glad people liked this dungeon, I think it's a solid offering.
  10. The best adventures from Footprints --- seven free old-school modules! - And one of my recent posts, listing the best adventures in the Footprints zine. Spread the word!

Party hard.


  1. Should be a round 5 years 6 months by now? Well done for sticking with it - long may it continue!