Friday, April 22, 2022

You are on time! 4 x 1d6 rewards for reliable players [LotFP/OSR]

In our group, we have a tradition of rewarding reliable players with a small in-game bonus. So if you are there for the start of the (online) session, you get to roll on a random table! We love random tables. (Also, if you are late, you roll on a random table to see why your character was not present in the beginning)

I wrote this table for my LotFP games:







A classic! You find a loaded musket.

You find a quickly decaying scroll (lasts only this session) of a random level 1 Magic-User spell.

You find a quickly decaying scroll (lasts only this session) of a random level 1 Cleric spell.

A rope you own is extended by 20’.


You can ignore three fumbles this session.

You find d4 x 100sp worth of manuscripts/books for your research library.

The first time you use cure light wounds or bless this session, it gives the maximum possible points.

The damage of the first attack that hits you is reduced to 1 point (or zero if it would be 1).


You sharpen or oil your main weapon, bump up the damage die by one for this session.

An omen! Roll d20 and record the result. Once during this session, you can substitute any d20 roll anybody (player or Referee) makes with this number.

Once during this session, the Voice in your head warns you about a danger (like a trap or hidden enemy), just in time to retreat or shout to your companions

Once during this session, you can automatically pass a saving throw (declare before rolling).


Once during this session, you can do maximum damage on an attack that hits (after the hit is confirmed).

On miscast, you can take the following result: you grow an extra finger (only once, declare before the Referee rolls the effect).

Your organization sends an intern to you for this session. Treat as a free Linkboy.

Once during this session, you can roll a skill check on a d4 instead of a d6 (declare before rolling).


Once during this session, you can hit any foe automatically (declare before rolling).

You can memorize one extra spell this session.

Your holy symbol glows and emits light as a candle for this session.

Pick a skill, it counts as 1 pip better for the duration of this session.


If you fall unconscious, you return to 1 hp in d4 rounds (only once).

You can temporarily enchant a weapon – it counts as magical for the duration of the session.

Once during this session, you can fall asleep and see a prophetic dream (as augury).

Your main light source increases its radius by 50% for this session. Fuel usage remains unchanged.

* "You find a musket" is a result that is always present on our other Referee's charts, so it has become a running joke in our group.


  1. This is such a great, simple idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Showing up in time is a player skill that deserves to be rewarded.

    1. Yupp!

      In our group, this wasn't introduced because being late was a problem... On the contrary, the Referee was glad that we were overall a reliable bunch, and this was a good way to reward that.