Thursday, March 10, 2022

Nest of the Circuit Roaches - a small sci-fi horror adventure!

I wrote (by hand!!) a small sci-fi horror adventure, Nest of the Circuit Roaches. It takes place on a space station or planetary outpost, and the party is tasked with cleaning out the titular Circuit Roach infestation before the swarm drains all the data & electricity.

It's system-agnostic, OSR in soul, and a good fit for Mothership, Traveller, Stars Without Number.

It's free/PWYW at!

There are a couple of versions. The main version is the hand-written "pocketmod" booklet. But I also included a typed-up one-page dungeon and some other files and maps for ease of use.

The title came from the wonderful "Generic Room Stocker" by Michael Raston. Great inspirational resource, highly recommended.


  1. I really, really like pocket mods for some reason. Especially for rpg stuff. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to go through this one!

    1. Yeah, there is something almost magical about a format that fits in the palm of your hand!!!

      Of course, space is very limited. I just about managed to fit this 11-room dungeon + map into the pocketmod...