Friday, March 25, 2022

[Monster] Trying out Rook's Kaiju generator: The 100-legged Serpent

All hail random monster generators!

Rook over at the blog Foreign Planets wrote a good one (with a great selection of Japanese prints), let's give it a spin!

Appearance: combination of 1 animal and 1 monster: Centipede + Dragon

Traits: 1 feature, 1 power

Feature: huge horns

Power: special bond with an individual human couldn't quite work it into the concept, so re-rolled and got Napalm Breath

The centipede + dragon combo instantly reminded me of the Chinese carnival dragons, which are carried by many people! The horns fit the theme as well.

The 100-legged Serpent

HD 10
AC as chain
Move as unencumbered human
Attacks: horns (as spears), napalm breath (30' cone dragon breath), constriction

An adult 100-legged serpent reaches the length of around 80'. It moves with eerie speed, its hundred legs shuffling and clicking. It can climb on vertical surfaces and ceilings. Its hoard consists entirely of spherical objects (pearls, gold beads and globes, scrying orbs, eyeballs), with its spherical eggs hidden between them.

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