Tuesday, March 29, 2022

d30 things to find on an Illithid bioship

This request came up in a Facebook group, I wrote a dozen or so in the comments, here's an expanded list of thirty:

  1. Tentacle grooming kit
  2. Information crystals
  3. Gene-modified snake-like creatures one can wrap around their body and gain special powers
  4. Last light of a dead star, captured in a glass sphere
  5. Aromatic spices that make brains taste even better
  6. Nano-blade letter opener
  7. A palm-sized levitating disc
  8. Bioluminescent slugs
  9. 6-dimensional gaming dice
  10. Humming and vibrating dodecahedron
  11. 100%-light blocking goggles
  12. Invisible 1' cube, no discernible function
  13. Carpet with psychedelic trance-inducing patterns
  14. Art-deco jewelry with radioactive gems
  15. Silver tablet with eldritch glyphs
  16. Holographic ship blueprints
  17. Small soap-stone sculpture, depicting an Illithid in Rodin’s “The Thinker” pose
  18. Art-deco lamp, glowing fiery orange sphere suspended between twisting wires
  19. Highly effective bone saw
  20. Dried fragments of human skin with occult tattoos
  21. Goblet shaped like a six-fingered hand holding a half-sphere
  22. Amber rod, preserving six weird prehistoric alien insects
  23. Psychotropic flower that can cause anatomical changes
  24. Signet ring with hidden compartment, single dose of the universal antidote inside
  25. Platinum tentacle ornaments that give off a calming chime when whirling around
  26. Telescope with three eyepieces
  27. Pet monster that feeds on body heat (and therefore snuggles a lot)
  28. A perfect copy of a specific object that one of the player characters owns
  29. Slimy oil in a vial
  30. Space-spider silk cape