Friday, April 7, 2023

Wizard duel/Counterspell house rule

A quick house rule for magical duels!

A Magic-User character can try and counter an opposing caster’s spell by entering into a duel. Depending on the combat/initiative system in use, this must either be declared first or the declared action must be cancelled in favor of counterspelling. The countercaster has to be aware of, or at least anticipate that the enemy is about to cast a spell.


Both duellants roll d6 and add their character level.

Caster’s roll > Countercaster’s roll

Caster’s initial spell works as intended, Countercaster must roll on the Effects chart

Caster’s roll = Countercaster’s roll

The two wizards are locked in duel! Repeat the procedure next time, unless one participant decides to withdraw or is distracted or takes damage (in which case this duellant must roll of the Effects chart)

Caster’s roll < Countercaster’s roll

Caster’s initial spell is cancelled (and the spell (slot) is lost)


Effects chart (d6)

  1. Suffers the effect of Feeblemind for a full day
  2. Falls unconscious for 2d4 hours
  3. Loses spellcasting ability for a full day
  4. Causes an eruption of uncontrolled arcane energy, everybody in a 20’ radius must save against Breath weapons or fall to the ground
  5. Suffers d6 damage
  6. Is thrown back 10’ and must spend the next round getting up

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