Sunday, April 23, 2023

The OSR server bingo!

I'm an active participant of the "purple" OSR discord server, and there are a handful of topics or phrases that come up often... So here's a little bingo game you can play at home!

Download the PDF with four sheets!

With contributions from Jenx, vilecultofshapes, Sylvanas_iii, Tomes, DustyHalo & HiveMindfullness.


  1. It also doubles as a d66 table, so... ;)

  2. Also, have you noticed how both Bingo and old-school RPGs have a caller? ;)

  3. Could you point me towards more of the "bronze age science fantasy setting" stuff? I looked through the Discord and was only able to find Vain the Sword, and War Against the Tyrant Lugal. Thanks in advance!

    1. Jenx's Serpents of Smoke & Steel setting sort of qualifies. And user Tulta on the discord also has some "Akkadians & Aliens" type of stuff, check the LFG channel!

      This entry isn't so much tied to concrete and "published" settings, it's more an amalgamation of the ideal/pipe dream games quite a few members of the discord want to run. An older historical period, perhaps less overused as the generic medieval fantasies, coupled with aliens or weird tech... "Sea Peoples with rayguns are invading Egypt! Summon the Jackal guardians!"

      By the way, I love the stuff you have on your blog! I stumbled upon it when I was looking for OSR Barsoom/Old Mars stuff.

    2. Thanks for answering, and really glad you liked it! It must be said it was nothing but nogames stuff extracted from midjourney (those halcyon days before chatGPT!), and only a pale imitation of Red Berries for the Red Planet at that.

    3. Sure, but it still takes some, uh, "curating", I guess? Especially with the older versions of these neural networks. I had a lot of fun back in those halcyon days with "Talk to Transformer":