Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Universal Random Table

The OSR thrives on random tables. *I* thrive on random tables. I have books of random tables. Print-outs of blogposts. I've written a couple. I respect the prolific creators of random tables, let's chant their names together: ktrey, Konsumterra, Jason Sholtis, semiurge and many more. Meticulously crafted lists of infinite random inspiration for any situation. But ultimately, there are a set archetypical results one might find on a random table of any kind. Without further ado, I present thee...

The Universal Random Table (d10)


Predictable stuff


Outré/gonzo stuff


Annoying curse, trap or mutation


Delayed effect that has to be tracked or forgotten forever


Quirky or whimsical thing


Meta-gamey element or campaign-breaking bullshit


Painful pun or pop culture reference

That's it. The only random table you'll ever need!

Okay, maybe this and the Amazing Inspirational Animal List.

PS: Idea for next post: a random table of the greatest random table creators of the OSR blogosphere.

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