Wednesday, November 18, 2020

d30 ancient Near Eastern treasures

Adapted from the list of wedding gifts that Tushratta, king of Mittani, gave to Amenhotep III, as dowry for princess Tadu-Hepa. From the Amarna letter EA22 (The El-Amarna Correspondence. A New Edition... p. 160-183). Modified as needed...

  1. Whip, overlaid with 5 shekels of gold. A large banded agate is inserted into the pommel. A banded agate seal is strung on it.
  2. Horse adornments, genuine banded agates mounted on gold: 88 stones per string. 44 shekels worth of gold.
  3. Set of bronze torques.
  4. 12 good, sharp arrows.
  5. Iron-bladed dagger; its haft decorated with ebony calf figurines, overlaid with gold; the pommel is of a precious stone. 6 shekels of gold has been used on it.
  6. Longbow, overlaid with 4 shekels of gold.
  7. Iron mace, overlaid with 15 shekels of gold.
  8. Pair of gloves, trimmed with red wool.
  9. Two multicolored shirts.
  10. Horse-shaped bottle, made of iron, with eagles of gold and genuine lapis lazuli as inlays. 300 shekels in weight.
  11. Golden fly whisk (3 shekels in weight), along with its linen cloth.
  12. Hand-bracelet, of iron overlaid with gold, adorned with lapis lazuli bird inlays. 6 shekels of gold has been used on it.
  13. Necklace with 35 genuine lapis lazuli stones, 35  dark red translucent stones, and one genuine banded agate in the center; all mounted on gold with a reddish tinge.
  14. Head-binding, of gold, twisted like a torque. 14 shekels in weight.
  15. Spoon, overlaid with lapis lazuli and dark red stones; its handle – an alabaster female figurine, with lapis lazuli inlays. 6 shekels of gold used on it.
  16. Pair of leather shoes, studded with gold ornaments. Its buttons are of a translucent dark red stone. 13 shekels of gold have been used on them.
  17. Pair of shoes, of blue-purple wool. Ornaments of gold and a genuine lapis lazuli inlay in the center. 4 shekels of gold.
  18. Garment of blue-purple wool, Hurrian-style, for the city.
  19. City shirt, Tukriš style, and a pair of red wool sashes.
  20. Spear of bronze, with a double overlay of gold (10 shekels worth).
  21. Helmet container, of malachite, overlaid with 4 shekels of gold.
  22. Plaque with winged disks and Deluge monsters, of ebony, overlaid with 30 shekels of gold.
  23. Set of salt containers, in the shape of bull-calves and lions, of a dark red stone.
  24. Silver brazier, 66 shekels in weight.
  25. Ebony chest without a lid, adorned with a winged disk and overlaid with 2 shekels of gold and 40 shekels of silver.
  26. Colored loincloth.
  27. Pair of wool leggings.
  28. Stone container, with myrrh-scented oil.
  29. 20 arrows to be shot flaming.
  30. Shield, its middle overlaid with 10 shekels of silver.

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