Tuesday, November 10, 2020

1d30 things the lost tribe worships (neural-network generated)

  1. The mummified body of an ancestor, submerged in honey.
  2. The golden statue of a deity, lying on the ocean floor.
  3. The sacrificial knife of a god, dipped in the blood of a person.
  4. The bones of an ancestor that were eaten by a snake.
  5. The head of a person, which was carved from its chest by a king.
  6. The head of a serpent carved into a wood, which then became snake heads.
  7. The intestines of an ancestor that were eaten by a lion.
  8. The egg and skull of a person whose ancestors have been buried in the mud and not yet emerged.
  9. The mummy with two hands holding an infant who is worshiped by the lost tribe.
  10. The sacred fruit of a dead god.
  11. An abstract metal altar with four wooden doors.
  12. A sacred river to drain the polluted water of the world, and prevent the evil spirits from destroying mankind.
  13. The gods who rule over the worlds, all of them wearing white garments of stone, or who have their heads covered with golden rings, and are said to be able to make magic.
  14. The city of the underworld, with the entrance to the citadel of a sacred city, to the surface of which is a labyrinth of halls and shrines.
  15. Five different types of rock, with different shapes, and arranged in a tree-shaped array.
  16. A deity of fire who sacrifices himself, with fireflies and snakes.
  17. An ark-like pillar made of ice.
  18. A gaseous corpse-like object, placed at the base of a temple.
  19. A sea-god with nine arms, symbolizing the nine seas of the world.
  20. A deity with a ten-winged animal on its back, symbolizing the ten cardinal directions of the compass.
  21. The hidden sun that has been created from a fiery star that is now being unleashed on the world.
  22. The water god’s horn.
  23. The burial of a king who died within the city of the gods.
  24. An ancient legend which speaks of a man who was born with blue eyes and a purple coat of hair. The god of the lost tribe was believed to be the one who looked like him, hence he must have been the one who made him.
  25. The black stone of the mountain.
  26. A tree with two branches which was cut down by fire.
  27. A fire-drinker.
  28. The earth god's hand, symbolizing the underworld where earthmen dwell.
  29. The sky god's mouth, symbolizing the sky where the stars reside.
  30. The people who have become possessed by the underworld and who have a dream of being reborn, to come to a great city.
Generated by the GPT-2 network over at https://bellard.org/textsynth/ Only the first entry was written by me, as the main prompt / starting point.


  1. 'Reading the first entry, i thought "The IA is as crazy as you" :-D
    But since you wrote it, it does make sense...

    1. Haha you know me :)

      But sometimes the AI generates super crazy stuff too. It can go off in directions the human minds is usually not treading.

  2. This is a cool tool - I fed it a half finished random table in different chunks and it bulked it out. I needed to do some clean up on the outputs but still, speeded up the work a lot!