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Piles of Downloaded Files... #1: browsing the dreadful "Unsorted" folder!

We all know what PDF really stands for… PILES OF DOWNLOADED FILES! If you are an OSR-nerd like me, then you probably have a folder full of RPG-related PDFs. Downloaded from blogs, retrieved from the Way Back Machine, pirated or purchased or “PWYW” from DriveThru, or worse – bought in a bundle of approximately one thousand files… They are all there, in an unorganized heap, unread, unused, forgotten.


Or, at least, it changes a bit…

I’m going to open the dreadful “Unsorted” folder, and check a couple of old documents.


The Tomb of Sigyfel, A Labyrinth Lord Quick Play Adventure by Daniel Proctor

Or, as mysteriously titled in the folder: ll00Q1.pdf! This is a two-page introductory mini-dungeon from 2008. This is free from DriveThruRPG (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/57863/The-Tomb-of-Sigyfel). Ten room tomb, branching out into three sections after the entrance area. It is very ur-D&D, evil cleric, orcs, traps…


Mediterraneo by Andrea Angiolino

This is a curiosity from 1992, an Italian RPG about Greek mythological heroes. 32-page booklet, with rules, monster stats, and a sample adventure, “The Island of the Amazons” (a handful of wilderness locations and a 6-room dungeon). I don’t speak Italian, but I love ancient myth/history based RPGs, so I was happy to find it here: https://caponatameccanica.com/mediterraneo-un-gioco-di-ruolo-di-andrea-angiolino/ I also have PDFs of Mitico! and Kalevala from the same game line.


The Metamorphica Revised by Johnstone Metzger

This should be moved to the “Random tables” folder… I have the original Metamorphica (2012) there, this is the 2016 expanded edition. Hundreds of mutations and transformations, great if you are running a post-apoc game. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198038/The-Metamorphica-Revised


Minor Arcana Generator by Jeremy Strandberg

I had to do some googling, because the PDF itself doesn’t have credits. This is a 7-page generator of weird artifacts, probably for the author’s “Stonetop” Dungeon World setting. Bonus points for including eight worked examples – always a good thing for random generators released into the ild! There is a perchance version: https://perchance.org/81gg8njnn9


Holmes Ref 2.0 by Zenopus

Reference sheets for the Holmes Basic Set, compiled by the gentleman & scholar from Zenopus Archives. Apart from the numbers and charts, terse spell overviews, monster stats, it also has “Holmesian Random Names”, random character backgrounds and pregens. Useful! https://sites.google.com/site/zenopusarchives/home/holmes-ref


Join the fun... if you dare!

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