Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ulfire Tablets #1 - a sword, planet & sorcery roleplaying zine - out now!


It's alive!!!

Finally, the first issue of the science fantasy/planetary romance zine Ulfire Tablets is done and public! Huge thanks to all the authors, it was fun to edit your stuff. 

In the future, I hope to expand to other planets and settings, and new contributors are welcome: get in touch here or see my other contacts in the zine itself.

Get it here:

It's free!

Read it on your screen or print it at home as a neat 32-page booklet + cover.

Table of contents and a short overview:

  • The Chessmen of Carcosa is a chess variant. You cannot have a proper planetary romance setting without a chess variant. In this boardgame, you sacrifice pawns, summon beasts from the outer dimensions, and fight to defeat the opposing sorcerer king! We wrote this together with a friend (we often collaborate on weird shit) and playtested over the summer. It's a fun, over the top game, give it a spin!
  • M.W. Hess contributed two awesome pieces: a write up of Mushroom Mans (sic!) of otherworldly colors; and a quick overview of faithful dinosaur mounts. 
  • In true old school fanzine spirit, there is a piece of short fiction, recorded to cuneiform holodisk straight from a sorcerer king's mind!
  • I love random generators, so I included one for coming up with arcane technological/magical artifacts. There are six ready-to-go examples in there as well.
  • Dan St. Cyr gave us 20 fighting styles for post-apocalyptic barbarians!
  • And there is a review of Xuhlan, a pretty cool sword & weird science setting!


  1. Very cool, I'm excited to check this out!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I've downloaded it now.

  3. Just picked my way through this. Very fine indeed. What sort of material are you hoping to include in future zines?

    1. Thank you!!

      #2 is gonna include a short adventure, an alternative Gamma World setting, random tables galore...

      Submissions are open, so if you have something to contribute, contact me!

  4. Needles from the Swords & Stitchery blog posted a review of Ulfire Tablets #1!