Sunday, March 8, 2020

1d10 habits of hygiene your dark cult follows

Dark rituals are important, but so are health & safety!
  1. It's important to wash the sacrificial dagger after every use.
  2. Please, as a courtesy to the next wearer, wipe the eerie animal mask clear.
  3. Acolytes are required to wash their robes weekly.
  4. The altar must be in pristine condition to honor Azathoth; don't be a Dirty Demoniac!
  5. Always put on gloves before touching the Tome of Death.
  6. You are free to NOT attend the grand ritual if you are a certified Plague Bearer. You can utter your prayers to the Dark Ones from your home chapel.
  7. Clean up after the toxic extradimensional slugs! Summon responsibly!
  8. Consumption of initiates' blood is suspended until further notice.
  9. Bring your own drinking horn; sharing of drinking horns is no longer permitted.
  10. When creating flesh golems, only use fresh, uninfected parts.

Written in collaboration with SlapClick, "the unnamed associate"!


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    1. Dear spambot, can you please add a random table of d10 fragrances to your comment next time, thank you