Friday, March 8, 2019

Embedded random generators

All the cool kids are inserting random generator buttons into their blog posts!

I'm writing a gothic cemetery-crawl adventure, so here's my work-in-progress "what's in the coffin / what's in the urn" table, turned into an automatic randomizer!

I search the coffin / urn!

(Note: I tried to make it into a weighted list: thus "regular content" comes up more often than "unique item" etc.)


  1. Kids should be careful when inserting strange objects.

    1. 5-in-6 doctors discourage the insertion of strange objects!

  2. Out of curiosity, how long is the table? Is it a d100? The unique items that came up when I was fiddling with the button seemed pretty cool!

    1. No, it's much smaller! Especially that it's unfinished.

      ---It's a 2d6 roll first:
      2 Empty, but with a note saying “so long, suckers!”
      3 Ritually contained remains: chained or staked body, ashes mixed with garlic, etc.
      4-7 Regular content (skeleton or rotten cadaver, decayed clothes, ashes)
      8-9 Regular content, plus golden teeth or jewelry worth 1d10 sp
      10-12 Unique item, roll on the next table

      ---1d20 Unique items (right now I have 16, feel free to use them!):
      Apocryphal prayer book (30 sp)
      Silk gloves (15 sp)
      Animal mask (10 sp)
      Egyptian faience djed amulet (20 sp)
      Coin minted 200 years ago (20 sp)
      Three identical wedding rings (60 sp total)
      Still burning candle, goes out when coffin/urn is opened (1 cp)
      Set of painted tin soldiers (5 sp)
      Signet ring of a local noble family (30 sp)
      Stuffed ferret with silver collar (30 sp) – if the collar is removed, the ferret comes alive and attacks
      Glass eye with goat pupil (10 sp)
      Dagger, always sticky to the touch (5 sp)
      Shark tooth pendant (10 sp)
      Heavy iron cross (10 sp)
      Oriental lacquer box (20 sp)
      Jasper statuette of a phoenix (25 sp)

  3. Nice table!

    I should probably put some of my automated stuff on my blog, come to think of it...

    1. Thanks!
      Turns out, making these buttons is quite simple:

  4. Replies
    1. Go for it! Turns out, it's actually quite easy, using that automatic script generator.