Friday, March 29, 2019

1d6 things that might happen when you lie to Skeleton Interrogator

Turns out, there is a patented invention, an aid for police work, which is basically a skeleton with glowing red eyes, used to break a suspect on an interrogation.

The suspect cannot see his human questioner, though. Instead, as soon as the examiner flicks a button, a curtain lifts within the chamber, and the unlucky interrogee is suddenly faced with “a figure in the form of a skeleton,” surrounded by a “diaphanous veiling” and illuminated from both above and below by “a plurality of electric lights.” 
(from Atlas Obscura

Without further ado...

1d6 things that might happen when you lie/don't answer to Skeleton Interrogator! 

Written by a good friend (1,3,5) and me (2,4,6) :
  1. You take on an aspect of the skeleton (e.g. glowing eyes, sickly thinness, extreme dry skin, vulnerability to turn undead)
  2. Turns out, the skeleton was the good cop. Bad cop gator-interrogator takes over the session, good luck.
  3. Your lawyer arrives, provides an alibi and you are cleared. However, now they want their fee.
  4. The skeleton interrogator glitches out and starts speaking in random non-sensical syllables. There is a 3-in-6 chance these syllables are a random magical spell, which goes off
  5. ZOOM BACK CAMERA! the studio lighting comes on and the film crew is revealed. You are actually on the set of your favorite police procedural/crime drama.
  6. The interrogator skeleton breaks free, and turns against its oppressors - the police!


  1. I LOVE this post...the table and the history. So weird! I know it is two weeks in a row, but I gave you another shout out on the blog/podcast this week. I am loving your blog!

    1. such a hilarious story! My friend sent it to me, and then we quickly brainstormed the d6 table.