Sunday, October 23, 2016

[Apes Victorious] Mixing various classes

An interesting thing about Apes Victorious, which sets it apart from many RPGs, is that it's quite logical (setting-wise) to have a party made up entirely of characters of the same class - at least that's the model shown in the movies. E.g. a team of Astronauts, or a Humanoid hunting party. Inside the Ape Society, castes co-operate, e.g. you can have a Gorilla strike force led by an Orangutan "political officer", or Bonobos working for a Chimp scientist. But the "adventuring party", so common for RPGs, is not a regular thing here! An Underdweller Psychic, a Gorilla Slaver, a Humanoid Hunter, and an Orangutan Preacher walk into a bar ----- not a very likely joke!!

So I was wondering about mixing various classes in a party. Obviously, there has to be something special happening to have different classes working together. They can unite to face a common enemy, or they can develop an unlikely friendship... But there are also cases, when the characters are forced to interact on orders. I've decided to put some of my ideas in a table: so far only to talk about two classes at a time. What can bring them together?

An important separating line is the characters' attitude towards hierarchy their relationship with the social system. Categories include "loyal", "renegade" and "outcast". These team-ups can also serve as adventure seeds.

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This is a two-dimensional relationship matrix, showing how a single character of class "A" (columns) can interact with characters from class "B" (rows). This can be interpolated to a party mixing three or more different classes, of course.

Any additions or suggestions are welcome!

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