Saturday, July 29, 2023

Dirt simple 2d6 weather roll

Here's a short entry for this month's Blog Carnival: Terrain, Seasons, Weather!

By now using Reaction rolls to adjudicate, umm, everything and anything, has become an OSR staple, and I'm here for it! I think I first stumbled upon this idea over at Talysman's The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms blog. Since then, this little table has been on my DM screen/binder. 




Worst possible, anomalous, no travel


Very bad,
travel speed halved


Normal for season, regular travel


Advantageous, bonus travel speed


The best possible, bonus travel speed and morale

I like it, because it gives me a baseline, from which I can improv the actual conditions. If I'm stuck, I use the old "Dolmenwood Hex Crawl Procedure" document (no longer available on Gavin's blog, but pdf's hosted in other places are still around), which has a very nice 4xd8 table of possible seasonal weather types.

Giorgione, you rock.


  1. I've done that as well, backing out of of the old Traveller reaction roll. Though the hex flower weather maps seem a better way to have weather per day and not be entirely random

    1. I like hex flower weather in theory. In practice, it's another piece of paper I have to have before me or on the screen, another marker to keep track of... It's a lesser cognitive load for me to just make up how the weather gets better or worse based.