Thursday, December 29, 2022

d8 entries from my commonplace book

I keep a commonplace book, a notebook where I record any kind of random idea or inspiration tidbit that can be utilized in games. It's a cool low pressure way of keeping ideas. Some of them come from media. Some are random things that come to my mind. I record them. There is no pressure to develop them into anything --- but at least they are not forgotten, and might come in handy. Here's a selection:
  1. Lost-world style tribe who worship a great idol. The idol is in fact a spaceship (rocketship) that landed here, and since then the pilot has been staging divine epiphanies (Wizard of Oz?) – see also “Flash Gordon and the God of the Beastmen”, Flash Gordon #5, 1967, King Comics.
  2. Tribe of reptiloid creatures, who currently live in a surprisingly democratic society. However, there is a great danger looming. Their race can rejuvenate/live forever, as long as they hibernate from time to time for a 100 years. The greatest tyrant of their history is soon returning from hibernation and will surely overpower the newly-formed democracy (aided by his troops that also went with him to “sleep”). Their place of hibernation is well-hidden… Quest to find it and destroy them, before they can enact their hideous plans?... (see Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World TV show, S01E03 “More Than Human”, 1999, for Roman Reptile inspiration).
  3. If the party is imprisoned, the local authority (prince, king…)’s representative approaches one of them, who is the most interesting (e.g. a Magic-User = man of knowledge, or a Fighter = mighty adventurer). The character taken to an audience with the authority and is asked to regale stories about their adventures.
  4. An expedition to the North, to retrieve “antediluvian” bones and tusks. Superstitious local folks. Sub-arctic perils. Greedy merchants looking for ivory. And perhaps an ancient vampyric creature, that wishes to relive its youth by feeding on the beasts of yore…
  5. Giant hermit crab in post-apocalyptic wasteland uses burnt-out vehicle as its shell. As seen in The Barren Earth, “The Long Trek”, incl. in The Warlord, #64, DC.
  6. Swift-moving glacier. In a year’s time the lower terminus will reach a settlement, while up in the mountains a dungeon or cave will be revealed.
  7. Amphibian city; a city of amphibian creatures, their buildings are half-submerged towers. Movement is possible by swimming, boats, and the occasional walkway.
  8. Sea of Primordial Muck. Created by a botched terraforming attempt – the aliens liquefied a large territory as part of the process, but never got around to reshaping it. Perhaps only a small island is shaped in the middle of the sea.
Happy holidays, everybody!


  1. I should really start keeping a physical notebook myself, I forget things in my notes app too often.

    Also is there any hope of another Ulfire Tablets issue this year? I have things I would love to contribute.

    1. Hi! Happy new year!
      Yeah, I have some stuff already for Ulfire #2, but not enough. So send me an email with your ideas or contributions. My address is in Ulfire #1