Monday, November 22, 2021

Fifty more 21-word dungeon rooms!

I wrote fifty more short dungeon room descriptions (see the original ten here)!

All 60 rooms in a single PDF!

11. Mush-Room

Cavemen lurk behind row of giant mushrooms that split the room in two areas. Enemies shake fungi to release hallucinogenic spores.

12. Arena of the Phoenix-Spider

Great oval hall, knee-deep layer of ashes. Gold banners from 100’ tall ceiling. Arachnid monstrosity rises to challenge all two-eyed creatures.

13. Oozey Oozebornes Bedroom

Small and cluttered, rare alchemic manuals and implements everywhere. Domesticated ooze lives under bed, obeys simple verbal orders (“fetch!”, “engulf!”, “sit!”…).

14. Tidal Chamber

Long, narrow room, floods/empties every 6 hours. Blueprints of experimental submersible vessel engraved into granite walls. Sluice leads to underground sea.

15. Spider Theatre

Contrast between total darkness all around and cone of light projected at smiling mask on pedestal. Giant spiders drop from ceiling.

16. Records of the War of the Worlds

Monochrome frescoes depict arrival of spaceships. Recipe of alien-killing poison under the plaster. Red ink used is actually sample of it.

17. Eerie Aquatic Zoo

Dark room with fifty fish tanks, rare species, glowing mysteriously. Octopus mastermind communicates by making other creatures light up or fade.

18. The Field Where I Died

Indoor field of wheat. Scarecrow in middle: eyes are 1000gp gems, if taken, dozens of angry crows burst out its chest.

19. Quarters of Sleeping Beauty

Dungeon room divided into three floors (rose garden, library, bedroom), connected by winding staircase. Wizard asleep, in thousand-year trance, finger pricked.

20. Gnome Fortress

Large hall, gatehouse defended by long-haired gnomes on opposite end. Demand sacrifice for passage, marble altar right there in the middle.

21. All Aboard the Mysterious Airship

500’ rope ladder dangling down through chimney, leads to floating zeppelin. The sky is different then what the characters might remember.

22. Cavern of Squeezing

Uneven cave floor. A reddish mist limits visibility. Six boulders are living rock creatures that try to smash people between themselves.

23. Trick Intersection

Four-way intersection, but rotatable segment in middle hides two passages. Scratch marks on floor give hint. Yellow mold spreads on walls.

24. Imaginary Colosseum

Roman gladiatorial equipment scattered on the sand. Whoever touches a piece is transported into an arena to fight beasts of warriors.

25. Volcanic Views

Rock balcony inside active volcano. Smoke imps offer to dive into lava lake and bring up fire pearls for a price.

26. Platinum Mines

Multi-tiered cave complex, ledges and chambers around central pit, rope bridges. Community of troglodytes, mine platinum under surveillance by floating eyes.

27. Anti-Sanitary Control

Marble gate carved to resemble slime, inscribed: “I welcome the sick”. Only those infected with the deadly Purple Plague can pass.

28. Pups in Peril

Dogs stolen from noble estates bark sadly in dirty kennels. Bandits from the Sundown Gang plan to ransom them to owners.

29. Underground River

Roaring water bisects chamber. Upstream: island with healing fruit trees. Downstream: crushing maws of cave serpent. Opposite bank: tunnel towards throne-room.

30. Suspended Animation Choir

Six identical people under glass pyramids, in trance, humming an eerie tune. Anybody who joins the humming can communicate with them.

31. Remote Reorganizing Room

Complex, loud machinery (cogs & levers), able to rotate another room in the dungeon. Hungry goblin mechanics reset it every 6 hours.

32. Of Course It Had to Be Snakes

Floor perforated around the edges drops into pit of giant snakes. Pouch with six orange gems was swallowed by the biggest.

33. Dangerous Dining Room

All carved wood with grotesque images. Long table set for two. Dwarf assassin with poison darts hides behind secret sliding panel.

34. Observation Gallery

Long, narrow, musty corridor winds along many other rooms of the dungeon. Spy holes connected to the eyes of ancestral paintings.

35. Cabinet of Curiosities

Inlaid cupboards hold exotic objects. The only thing that can slay the evil overlord is hidden in plain sight among them.

36. Undead Corridor

Narrow passage. Scythe traps sprung in the past no longer a danger. Mummified hands reach out of walls and grab characters.

37. Kobold Last Stand

Large hall surrounded by colonnade. Repeating ballista connected to crackling battery. Kobold leader barks orders from wooden tower. Ceiling might collapse.

38. Hall of Horns

Cruciform hall. Wall-mounted stone bull-heads sing battle hymn, breath fire. Boiling pool, liquid never cools, causes damage & bravery if imbibed.

39. Fragile Collection

Books with dried flowers, leaves. Spider-silk garments. Perfume vapors spell out magic incantations when bottle is uncorked: be quick to learn!

40. Darkness, Imprisoned

Elemental darkness trapped in iron sphere, whispers to people nearby – craves freedom. Wizard who trapped it lies dead, seems like suicide.

41. Weird Kitchen

Animated utensils, fires, smell of strange spices. Formerly omnipotent space god content with life as palace chef. Royal food taster puzzled.

42. Embroidered Garden

Black marble unicorn statue over king’s sarcophagus (glass crown inside). Carpets with dense floral motifs cover all walls: secret door behind.

43. Dilapidated Bastion

Four-tiered bastion, inside floors all collapsed. Many doorways above. Alarm: buzzing insect swarm flies to wake up guards positioned higher up.

44. Ooze Horror

Ancient chapel. One gate drops behind characters, another releases deadly ooze. Previous engulfed victim still barely alive inside the amoebic mass!

45. Premature Burial

Flickering lights. Six bricked-up niches hide jewel-encrusted mummies. Pressure plate teleports everybody into separate niche. Like sardines in a tin can!

46. Burnt-out Arcane Laboratory

Charred scientist coagulated with poisonous substances. Genius equations on ceiling. Tripod-mounted device projects door (Passwall), artifact itself cannot be taken through.

47. Nudist Congregation

Naked zealots bow before statue (covered by a sheet, never revealed – depicts yak-person in winterwear). Clothed people are attacked on sight.

48. Daredevil River

Lava flow bisects cavern. Metal hoops inserted into ceiling. Shack built into cave wall on opposite bank – home of long-lost hermit.

49. Undulating Corridor

Masonry turns into surreal flesh and squishes characters; if cut, it bleeds, screams, returns to initial form. Telepathic mind, remembers everything.

50. Hall of One Thousand Columns

Demon sultan on diamond throne carried by manticores. Everybody who doesn’t bow is decapitated. Secret elevator to observatory in column #649.

51. Indoor Orchard

Ripe for picking. Fruits: blue facilitate communi-cation with spirits, red cause nosebleeds, green are aphrodisiac. Ugly roots mix with human remains.

52. Lair of the Singing Warlock

Famed arcanist’s doppelganger present: when killed, explodes into swarm of centipedes. Formidable magic library. Coded message reveals real warlock still alive.

53. Goblin Antechamber

Dirty footsteps everywhere. Pit trap under suspiciously clean rug carpet. Small idol of three-headed god in niche, decaying offerings on altar.

54. Crab Stable

Stalls are saline pools. Giant crab mounts of local knights attended by blind servants (only they know how to saddle crabs).

49. Forgotten Prisoner

Chained-up, overgrown by moss, but still alive through ascetic practices. Imprisoned by current king’s father, for knowing state secrets: still relevant.

56. Enter the Sphere

Spherical chamber, black marble, 120’ radius, four equidistant doors on “equator”. Gilded orb pendulum swings between them, electric discharge if touched.

57. Pseudo-Egyptian Tomb

Crocodile-headed acrobats guard sarcophagus (with gold statue in mummy bandages). Segments of floor collapse into 40’ pits, leaving little jumpable “platforms”.

58. Machine Room

Whirring machines, certain doors and elevators in the dungeon controlled from here. Passages leading in/out blocked by rotating fans. Witch engineers.

59. Panoramic View

Wall-paintings you can step into: storm, lighthouse, ship in the distance; desert oasis, bandits approaching; fey picnic threatened by mutant bears.

60. Killer Dust

Dust vortex opens up on floor, particles in air coalescence into elementals. Gold intermixed with regular dust. Cough and wheeze, adventurers!