Monday, June 28, 2021

Demons & Diabolists: alternative Magic-User class and infernal entities for weird historical settings

I expanded the demonic True Name generator. Now you can roll domains of power, spells, and unique physical manifestations for the entities! And I wrote up a Diabolist class (for LotFP) that calls up and binds such demons (they basically act as the spellbook of the summoner).

The project is loosely based on The Lesser Key of Solomon, but instead of the high-level Dukes and Marquises of the demon kingdom it concentrates on the "footsoldiers" and "officers", the ones that a diabolist has a chance to summon AND control. I tried to strike a balance between evocative historical flavor and playability.

Download the PDF

(Prints as a nice little 8-page booklet)


  1. That's nice, especially the relative simplicity of the rules (no need for multiple rolls). One thing I would consider is to use a different spell list. Maybe that's just me, but I'm really tired of the standard D&D spells and I'm always for something new (like Wonder & Wickedness). Especially in historical settings.

    1. True! Ideally, I'd have to write a whole new compendium of spells ;) But that's waaay out of the scope of this project.

      On the other hand, I did cull the standard spell list and included only the ones that make sense in this context. Furthermore, if you think about the spells that made it, and compare them with the powers that are in the Lesser Key of Solomon, for example, they are pretty similar - invisibility, mind reading, finding treasure troves, paralyzing an enemy...

      Thanks for checking it out and providing feedback!