Sunday, September 27, 2020

1d8 snake poison names

  1. Black Venom of the Deep Serpent
  2. Crystalline Toxin of the Rattling Menace
  3. Slither-Fuck's Greater Poison
  4. Strange Blight of the Neuro-Snake
  5. The Killing Dose of Unlife
  6. Bane of the Yellow-Eyed Vermin
  7. Fang-Juice of the Deadly One
  8. Red Viper's Lethal Kiss
Alternatively, as a fellow player pointed out, these are brand names for "aggressively marketed energy drinks".


  1. My favorite is the "Red Viper's Lethal Kiss"
    Not sure I'd drink it for breakfast though...

    1. Drink it for breakfast? Noooo... You have to chug it in the evening when you want to PARTY ALL NIGHT!!