Friday, July 24, 2020

Drawing dungeons is fun

Just an old-school dungeon level... I wanted to draw something labyrinthine, with densely packed and weirdly shaped rooms. Inspired by the megadungeon topics on Dragonsfoot. Of course, at ~80 rooms, this is a relatively small offering :)

This image is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. You are free to share and adapt (transform, remix, build upon) this image, even commercially, as long as you credit me (Tamás Kisbali / Also, if you do end up using this, I'd appreciate a message to see what you made of it!


  1. How long does it take you to play through an 80 room level?

    1. Depends on a lot of factors (player goals, dungeon population, etc.). But in general I agree Brett's estimate - 4-6 sessions.

      Recently I ran The Shattered Circle, a 2e adventure, which is ~70-75 rooms (spread out over two [and a half] levels). It took 5 or 6 three-hour sessions.

    2. I ask because I'm in the middle of making my own mega-dungeon and trying to get a feel for how big to make each level.

      In my game I've been finding 10-12 rooms a session is the most my players clear. That may be because I use a lot of puzzle monsters and "special" rooms.

    3. Old-school megadungeons often have "empty" rooms, so if you add 5-6 rooms to the 10-12 rooms, that's a good "speed".

  2. Play through? As in a majority of rooms explored? 4-6 sessions?