Saturday, June 13, 2020

Just a random moth mutation thingie

Whenever you rest, you fall unconscious and cocoon yourself up. You are unable to wake up and others have to cut the cocoon open. Natural healing is enhanced by 1 point while in the cocoon. If you spend 48 hours in the cocoon, you automatically regain consciousness and emerge. Roll 1d6 to see in what form:
1 – yourself… but with absolute certainty that the Insect God is coming
2 – a flightless moth-person (6-in-6 Stealth chance in darkness)
3 – physically unchanged, but able to vomit up and control a moth swarm once per night, see through their eyes, taste through their proboscises
4 – a giant moth monster, ravenous, controlled by Referee (HD = your level + 2, Armor as leather, crawl as heavily encumbered, fly as twice unencumbered, 1 attack: bite, damage dependent on HD (1-3: d4, 4-6: d6, 7+: d8), Morale 8)
5 – a moth-person with functional wings (can fly only if unencumbered, at movement rate of unencumbered human)
6 – fused with whatever clothes, blankets, equipment you had on when you fell asleep

(I don't really have time to work on stuff nowadays, but here's a little chart to keep the blog updated at least a couple of times per month!)


  1. One of my players is obsessed with Mothman. Maybe I'll try and spring this as a curse on one of his characters. Lol