Sunday, November 17, 2019

Two magic items

Arachnid Servants of Hypnos

Four silver spiders in a velvet bag; when the bag is opened, the spiders swarm forth and envelope up to four willing creatures with their webs.
The cocooned creatures fall asleep for 1 hour. Their dreams are sweet and filled with the sounds of the wind playing the web’s strands as a harp. The creatures are completely unaware of their surroundings and cannot be roused by any means. This 1 hour sleep mechanically counts as a full rest in terms of healing, spell memorization, etc. Furthermore, each affected creature regains 1 HD worth of hit points.
After the 1 hour, the webs dissolve, and the four spiders crawl back into the velvet bag.
However, there is a flat 1-in-6 chance for each affected creature to fall into a week-long coma (and possibly gain a spiderific mutation). Delay Poison grants a save vs. poison to counter this effect.

Soap of Absolute Cleanness

This inconspicuous bar of soap removes all curses, diseases and similar ailments if someone washes themselves with it.
However, each time it also scrubs away one of the seven layers of the skin of the user. Repeated use leads to serious consequences as the person’s skin is eroded. This can only be healed by miracle-level restorative magic. The soap is good for 1d8 uses.
Layers of skin left Effect
6 No effect yet
5 Can no longer wear armor heavier than leather
4 Can no longer wear any armor, -1 on Reaction and Loyalty rolls
3 Double damage from fire, acid, and similar sources
2 Can no longer wear clothes; skin now almost completely transparent;
double damage from any kind of attack
1 Uncle Frank from Hellraiser
0 Death

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