Friday, February 8, 2019

[Monster] The Kelipot Sovereignty, using the Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator

Another random monster post, this time using Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator by Raphael Sadowski / Nine Tongues Tales. It promises interesting, inspiring combinations (instead of silly results or randomized messy stats), so let's dive in!

Type: Swarm
A group of small creatures that live and work together. Smaller than human.

Theme: Mollusk/Squid
Soft bodies, sometimes a shell. Tentacles or primitive slug-like “foot”.

Mental Faculty: Primitive
Just above the “Smart Animal” – is able to create art, worship gods and probably wonders about the meaning of life.

Pigmentation: Translucent / White

Random Features:
Single Horn: Sports a single horn somewhere on its body. Ornamental or disfiguring, this horn may have function other than just a crude mean of defense.
Smoke: It’s always surrounded by smoke. Is it a humanoid smoking a hookah? A living censer? Or a salamander breathing out billowing smoke every time it opens its mouth?
Egg Laying: Kill it! Quickly, before it lays eggs! Or is it too late…?

Peculiar Circumstances: Worshiped
There are humanoids who treat this creature as their god.

Horrifier: Destiny
It will chase you and haunt you forever. It will crawl from under your bed to watch you sleep at night. It will be observing you from afar. You’ll never be alone for as long as it lives.

Weirdifier: Strange Diet
It eats something absolutely bizarre. Sand, glass, sea water, books, bones, excrements. This is the only way it can sustain itself.

Attitude: Oblivious
It will act as if you do not exist at all, even if you attack it.

Which all combines into...

The Kelipot Sovereignty
Sea mollusks. Live and prosper in the shallows. They feed on kinetic energy of underwater currents - starve in still water. For protection, they build exquisite shells around their soft bodies: there are no two identical shells and they are prized artifacts for collectors. When in danger, the creatures hide behind an ink-cloud.
Pearl divers worship these creatures. They know that each single mollusk is just an extension of the Kelipot Sovereignty, a terrible cosmic entity. Some people who come into contact with a shell become marked by the Sovereignty. One day, the Kelipot will arrive to Earth, and the Marked will prostrate themselves before it. The rest will be consumed by the Ever-Shell. 

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