Saturday, January 19, 2019

[Monster] Summoning the Spawns of the Nether-Realms with the LotFP Summon Spell

More random creatures! This time with Lamentations' notorious Summon spell. Of course, the easiest way is firing up Ramanan's automatic Summon script, but rolling dice on a weekend is a nice thing, so let's roll some dice!

Summoned Entity #1, casting save made
HD: 6
Basic form: Organic Rot (causes disease on a hit)
Appendages, base number (1d8): 1
Appendages: no appendages :(
Special powers, base number (1d8): 4
Special powers: none :(
The Perspiring Mound of Pandemonium is a crawling, oozing abomination, spreading the Ochre Plague.

Summoned Entity #2, casting save failed
HD: 6
Basic form: Insectiod (+2 AC) = 14 AC
Appendages, base number (1d8): 6
5 - Skeletal Stinger; 1 - Adhesive Eggs/Seeds 
Special powers, base number (1d8): 6
Special powers:
2 (41) - Immune to Physical Attacks; 1 (99) - Wall of Fire (at will, one at a time)
The Abyssal Dragonfly-Dragon, straight from the 6th Circle of hell. Translucent wings shimmer like cosmic fire.

Summoned Entity #3, casting save failed
HD: 4
Basic form: Polyhedral
Appendages, base number (1d6): 3
Appendages: none :(
Special powers, base number (1d6): 3
Special powers:
2 (100) - Web (at will, one at a time)
Fragment of a Shattered Fractal Dimension, mad and uncontrollable, paralyzing people with Tron-style meshes.

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