Sunday, May 20, 2018

[Review] Dark Island one-page dungeon

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a comment on Christopher Tamm's amazing blog, Elf Maids & Octopi, which was picked as "comment of the week", and I got a gift - a small pocket-mod style one-page dungeon / zine. As far as I understand, he also posts these dungeons on his patreon.

The dungeon is the lair of the Dragon Queen, located on an island in the middle of an underground lake. It's a massive rock, riddled with holes, passages, caverns and halls. The Dragon Queen is still around, but she is not the fierce conqueror and tyrant she used to be... nowadays, she is this whimsical, nostalgic creature, who wanders around her domain, likes to talk to visitors, invites them to her table (sometimes eats them, though)...

There is a very nice map with an encounter table (nowadays the island is mostly populated by lizards, gnomes and other subterranean folks). Inside the pocket-mod, there are brief write-ups of the various "factions" standard behavior, and some details like special treasure.

I like this little dungeon. It can be easily taken and used in some other context: e.g. as an "overland" island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, with the underground themed monsters reskinned as something else. Some preparation is needed to stat everything up.

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